Polo Course at Haryana Polo Club

Haryana Polo Club holds  polo courses from September through April.  Each day's tuition is normally based on the programme shown below, but can be tailored to suit your specific skill level and needs if required. The structure of the course is designed to develop a range of skills incorporating exercises that increase in complexity as your skills level progresses.

Daily Programme
7.30 am Arrive and be welcomed with hot masala chai and a discussion on the plan for the day.
7.45 am Warm up exercises and demonstration of the polo swing.
8.00 am Polo Riding. Improve your skills, concentrating on the general aids, stopping, turning and balance on the horse.
9.00 am A concentrated session on the Wooden horse, learning or rectifying the basic polo swings to improve both accuracy and direction.
9.30 am Breakfast at Haryana Polo Club  General discussions on the rules and regulations, penalties and positions etc… A variety of topics and questions are discussed in depth.
10.00 am Head back into Delhi - Take time out to see Delhi and do some shopping. Relax at your Hotel
4.00 pm Arrive back at HPC for discussion time & Polo theory. Some of the following aspects will be covered: Umpiring and Refereeing, Polo Equipment, Stable Management and Grooming, including feeding and exercise in preparation for polo, Veterinary and Farrier, Tack and Bitting.
4.30 pm 'Stick and Ball' session / practice chukkas with discussion covering tactical plays on the ground, hooking, riding off and positional plays in the game.
6.00 pm Finish the day with a couple of beers at the club with players and family.
Additional evening chukkas can be booked if required as can extra coaching. These can also take place over the weekend
If you would like to make a reservation for a polo course we request a 50% deposit.
If you need any other information - details about hotels or country inns or B&B accommodation, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will arrange a booking for you if required.

Price: Per day - Rs.8,000

A group discount is available on request.